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Milford Haven

Encaustic tile cleaning and sealing Milford Haven

These encaustic tiles were discovered by our client in the hall of her home in Milford Haven. The term encaustic tile usually refers to the striking colourful patterned tiled floors, which can be found in Victorian gothic and Edwardian properties. These floors are well worth the time and effort to restore; done properly and professionally they are indeed beautiful and very valuable.

We started the process by removing all of the marks and stains from the tiles along with all of the old and extremely stick carpet layers tape from the edges of the hall floor.

The next step in the process was to wash and power scrub the entire tiled floor area this process deep cleaned all of the grout lines and little dents in the floor.

The final stage was to apply two coats of colour intensifier to really bring out and highlight and preserve the beauty of this once hidden treasure!

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