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Much like a piece of antique furniture, once wooden floors reach a certain age they all have an inherent beauty and value that merits investing the time and effort it takes to revive them. A wood floor that has passed the age of 50 years is certainly worth saving, whatever the wood. Indeed, the pine imported from the Baltic throughout the 19th century was from first-growth forests, and has a quality that it is now very difficult to match. Today, those late Georgian and Victorian pine floors look beautiful by virtue of their age.
Restore a Floor have the experience, skill, equipment and back up to repair, sand, secure and finish your wood floor.

We offer the following wood floor restoration services:

  • Fill any large gaps between boards with wood fillets or smaller gaps with sawdust and resin mixture to attain the best possible match.
  • Repair or replace any damaged floor boards and secure any loose or squeaky boards.
  • Sand your wood floor with the latest equipment and materials in preparation for the finishing process.
  • Finishes include hard wax oil, water borne lacquers and stain.

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