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Parquet Wood Block Floor Restoration - Coronation Hall, Dale

The images show the process we went through to repair, restore, sand and finish the parquet block floor at the Coronation Hall in Dale Pembrokeshire.

We were initially contacted to survey and quote to fix some loose parquet wood floor blocks, then sand and finish the floor. Upon further and investigation we discovered that over 350 blocks had worked them selves loose, along with the concrete sub floor crumbling and flaking.

Our first task was to scrape and remove all of the old bitumen from all 350 plus wood blocks and from the sub floor; this had to be done one block at a time and by hand. We then had to use a self levelling compound that would not react with bitumen, and then had to re- fit all of the blocks in their original places with a flexible adhesive.

Phase two of the project involved sanding with our belt sander along with the dust containment system which enables us to sand floors dust free. We used abrasive belts 36.40, 60, 80,100 and 120 grit.

Phase three was for us to fill any and all gaps, dents and holes between blocks with a resin and sawdust mixture. We then used the flexi sander in conjunction with the dust containment system to fine sand the entire floor with abrasive discs 100,120,140 grit.

The final phase was to firstly prime the entire floor with Bona Prime Intense to highlight the grain in these beautiful wood blocks. We then applied two coats of Bona Traffic HD to stand up to the traffic and use that this floor is expected to endure.

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